Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Well it finally happened.
After countless times of running into Dorsey's false teeth, (he has a partial and it bothers him when he eats) he lost them, probably for good this time.
Thank God he doesn't read my blog or he would kill me for writing this.
As it is I will catch it from Alice.
Anyhoo, Dorsey takes great amusement and liberties with his teeth.He likes to leave them places such as, next to my food, in my makeup bag, and he has been known to drop them in someone's wine glass when they weren't looking.
My husband has an unusual sense of humor.
So, after countless times of removing them and leaving them in the most unlikely places, they have disappeared.
"You want the tooth ?", "Yes, I want the tooth !". "You can't handle the tooth !"

Monday, November 25, 2002

Don't shoot me please !
I think blu thought I was being harsh with Americans.
Don't get me wrong, I love it here.
Also because I was born in Canada, I love it there too.
In the 60s Rochdale College was open to anyone.
Everyone was treated the same. It was the hippie era, free love, peace, and all that other good stuff that went with it.
It makes me angry to see Canada put down so much when we have supported America (without the draft) in every single war that threatened both of our countries. My father was in the Korean war. My grandfather was in WWII.
I certainly wouldn't call that a pussy thing to do.
With all that is happening in the world today, all I can say is, don't insult the Canadians, they aren't your enemies.

Ok Bill, you asked for it. Le gloves are off.
I happen to know all you loyal Bill fans, that he is a French sympathizer.
And how do I know this you ask ?
Well, Mr. I don't like French people was watching Moulin Rouge on Saturday afternoon along with his other French sympathizing friends, one of them being my own daughter !
So, the writing Judas, bashes Canada with one hand, and speaks French with the other.
I heard him with my own ears. Tsk, tsk, tsk.
How will I ever be able to face my friends again.
Sorry about the nothingness last few days, I think I had bloggers block
Dorsey was on my nerves, the dog is chewing up everything of value, and I have thong burn on my bum.
Anyway, I am driving to work this a.m. and the woman beside me, in a truck, with grey hair that looks like it hasn't been washed or combed for a year, proceeds to pick her nose, big time.
If that wasn't bad enough, she ran her fingers through her hair (same hand that picked the nose) several times.
Is this a new form of redneck hair gel ?

And who says I am not a sports fan ?
Saw the Old Dominion basketball game yesterday.
It was fun going to a live game.
Does anyone know the cure for thong burn ?

And as for Jonah Goldberg, the Canadian clubber, you may be interested in this site..
I happen to have hung around Rochdale College in my hippie days, and I can tell you that at least 50% of it's occupants in this Canadian, Toronto based college were draft dodgers from America.
Enough said ?