Thursday, January 09, 2003


Today is a shit day, and it all started over a cup of tea.
Our dog Tache is going through a mental stage where he shits and pisses wherever he likes.
He does it for spite if he doesn't get enough attention, or if he doesn't get his own way.
Last night when I got home he had shit and pissed all over his play area that Dorsey had built for him.
Dorsey had been gone all day, (he decided he felt like working) and naturally I made it home to be first in line for the smell.
How convenient.
Two things, one, I didn't want Dorsey to have to deal with the mess after being on the road all day, and two, I couldn't stand to have it there.
It took me a good hour to clean it up, not to mention I had the forsight to stop by the pet store on the way home and pick up some dog poo cleaning supplies given his track record on shit and piss.
By the time Dorsey got home, the house was spic and span.
I asked him if he could bathe the dog, I was exhausted, and he said, "No, I am not good at that, it takes two people."
The dog did not get a bath last night.
Now, you say, "What does this have to do with tea ?"
Well, this morning, I was getting ready to get out of bed when Dorsey says, "Why don't you come over here and hug me for a few minutes before you get up?"
I said I couldn't because I had to get up.
He got into a snit, and I said "Look, I would love to come back to bed and hug you all day if I had a choice."
Anyway, I get into the shower, come out, make myself a cup of tea, makeup, hair, dressed, ready to roll.
As I am leaving, he leans over, gives me a kiss, and says, "There, did that take up too much of your time ?"
Wrong, wrong, wrong thing to say.
I asked him if he wanted to have extra time with me in the morning then why not help me out by maybe making my tea while I am in the shower.
It would be a thoughtful thing to do, sort of like cleaning rancid dog shit so someone else didn't have to.
He said he had to draw the line at making me tea in the morning because then I would get spoiled.
"Why should I get out of bed and make your tea, then come back to bed, when I can just stay in bed ?"
It's called being thoughtful Dorsey, look it up in the dictionary.
As it stands, I swore to him (in more ways than one) that I would never, ever, ask him to make me a cup of tea, and that I made tea before he came along, and I can continue to make it without his help.
He asked for a kiss before I left.
I told him he was welcome to kiss my ass.
If he ever makes me a cup of tea, I will not only spit it at him, I will piss in his eye.

Tuesday, January 07, 2003


Well, after almost two weeks off of work I am back.
Actually, I was back yesterday but I was in a shitty mood, back at work, not wanting to do anything, but pretending I have too much to do.
I am trying to figure out how working fits into my spirituality.
I feel like my ass belongs to everyone but me.
For the second day in a row now I have left the house in the freezing cold, (today snow) while Dorsey is still sleeping.
Resentment you say ? Understatement.
He is talking about moving to Florida.
Last year it was Gulf Shores, but our friend Paul that lived there died, so Dorsey didn't think that place would be fun anymore.
But we have alive friends living in North Palm Beach and Dorsey says that is the life.
If you knew how much money we don't have, you would know how absolutely ludicrous this is.
Of course if we moved there, I would still be working and Dorsey we still be sleeping.
The end.