Friday, January 17, 2003

(sung to the tune of the Patty Duke Show)

Here's Osama who's got some ugly hair
He can't be caught, he's like thin air.

But Saddam likes the camera lights
His ugly face is such a sight.

What a crazy pair.
But they're Terrorists, Identical Terrorists, and you'll find

They hate alike, they kill alike, they even beat their wives alike
You could lose your mind
When Terrorists, are two of a kind.

Thursday, January 16, 2003


So, it's freezing outside and a friend of mine here at work comes back from lunch and says "You won't believe what just happened."
She proceeds to tell me that she got a flat on Dam Neck Road near the school that I can't remember the name, and she luckily had her cell phone with her and called AAA, another good thing to have.
There was a police car right across the street.
This guy never made a move to help, or ask her if she needed assistance.
If that wasn't bad enough, another cop car pulled up and both of them were jawing away while my friend waited patiently for AAA.
It makes my head spin to think how fast they would have been over there if they had suspected she had a drink, or if they thought they might get lucky or something.
I'm surprised they didn't give her a ticket for illegal parking.
What a disgrace !
To serve and protect. I see neither in this story.