Friday, February 07, 2003


When I first purchased my computer I was so excited about being able to talk to people from all over, look up things, and visit places with my eyes.
It never occured to me in a million years that you could find so many crazies on one medium.
I suppose the anonymity of the computer makes one braver.
Cutesy names, cutesy phrases, and come to find out you are conversing with someone who could play lead in Night of the Living Dead and with about as much personality as a lanced boil.
Anyway, now there is blog. I like it, there are some very interesting and funny people on it.
BUT, remember those panhandlers on the street near the liquor store ?
Well, now we have a more sophisticated twist to begging for change.
We have homeless guy on the blogosphere.
This guy has literally begged his way to probably a better set up than us working stiffs have.
Feel sorry for me, I'm depressed, feel sorry for me, I have a condition which makes it impossible for me to work.
That condition is called I can't get a job that pays as well as living off of other people's money.
I'm sorry, but you know what ? I have had severe depression and anxiety that I take meds for.
I go to work, and don't say that you don't have experience at anything homeless guy because I went back into the work force after quite a few years being out of the flow of things. Christ, I taught myself the computer. You obviously have some computer skills, so what's up with that ?
Why don't you use those exceptional begging and writing skills of yours, write yourself a work of art fictional resume, and beg for a job ?
Disabled people work, you ought to be ashamed. But of course you probably take their money too.
What is that other expression, "Beggers can't be choosey ?
And this guy has the nerve to be choosey too.
Don't indulge this guy, people, he thinks he's slick.
As my mother would say, "Don't give away your ass, and shit through your ribs"

Thursday, February 06, 2003

I am still going to post recipes blu, hopefully I will get to some later. :)
sung to the tune of I'm a Bitch.

I hate my hair today
It looks like a bale of hay
Well, you look at me like wondering, what's the colour underneath
Are those her real teeth ?

Yesterday I cried
It was raining and my hair looks like it's fried
Hey you baldy, boy do I ever envy you
My hair looks so confused
It's a bit of every shitty colour all rolled into one

My hairs a bitch
It's a mother
Can I find something to cover it
Make it thinner
Get some paint
I think I'm going to faint

Roots are showing
I could scream
My hairdresser is mean
Can't she style it some other way.
Actually, my ass doesn't know much about linking to Bill's site either, sorry about that.
This post is for my wonderful son in law, Bill.
When I was about 15 years old our school went to Ottawa to meet Trudeau.
When I tell you it was like meeting the President would be an understatement.
I actually shook his hand and spoke with him.
He was an extremely charismatic man, charming and well spoken.
I am very much to the right, but you have to understand that Liberals dominated for 60 or so years in Canada.
To some, it was just a way of life. Their fathers were, and their fathers, and so on.
So, you have almost 2 generations of Canadians who know nothing but a dominating Liberal government.
So, what I am saying is, most Americans know about as much about Trudeau, and Canada, as my ass knows about snipe shooting.

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

P.S. I also make excellent lasagna.

This is my own recipe for Alfedo, unlike the travesty that Bill posted today.
What am I going to do with these kids ?

Anyway, I prefer to use linguini, but you can actually use a pasta of your choice.

1 pkg fresh pasta
1 pint heavy whipping creme
3/4 stick of real butter
I use about 3 cups of cheese.
I mix parmesan, asiago, and provolone.
some pepper, fresh chives, and tarragon to taste.

I put the creme in a small saucepan on medium low.
Put in butter, pepper, chives, tarragon, and cheese.
Simmer for about 15 minutes until thickened.
In the meantime have the pasta boiling.
When the pasta and sauce are ready, drain pasta and pour the sauce over it, mix together.
It's quick, it's delicious, it's fattening, and it tastes great the next day.

Hmmmm....Perhaps I will post MY recipes here.
They are not funny, and you can really eat them.

Monday, February 03, 2003


This is for all the people who believe in socialized medicine.

Take it from me, you don't want it.
I lived in Canada for 33 years under it, and you can have it.
They have pro choice, but you're situation has to be evaluated by a medical board to make sure there is no choice.
They decide whether you have a good enough reason to have an abortion.

You also have to be mentally evaluated before you can have elective surgery.
This is to make sure that you are not getting plastic surgery, thinking you will look like Jennifer Lopez, and then filing a suit against the surgeon who did it.

You can choose your family doctor, but he chooses the specialist, which incidentally could take months.
My father waited months to get to see a specialist for prostate cancer. By the time he got to see someone, he needed to have a testical removed.
He was still not feeling well, and about five years later, (after numerous dr. visits) was finally diagnosed with bone cancer and by this time he was ready for morphine.
My mother had a stroke, a mild one at home, and then a severe one in the hospital.
No blood thinners, no treatment, just have your stroke, get you situated in the nearest nursing home, and therapy ?, hold on, therapy costs money, that will come out of your pocket.
My best friend in the world, died of lupus by too late diagnosis. They told her she was depressed and had a flu.
Now once would be a coincidence, 3 times is a disgrace.

Think about it.
We can choose the specialist we want.
We can choose the time we want.
We can choose the treatment we want.
I vote for choice.