Friday, February 21, 2003


There was an affliction that my ex husband had and I think the Crackster has the same disease.
It's called the POOR ME SYNDROME.
Poor me, I am the only one who has ever been cheated on. Poor me, I am the only one that has ever gotten a divorce. Poor me, I am the only person in the world to ever pay child support. Poor me, that's why I drink. Poor me, that's why I hate women. Poor me, that's why I am nasty.
Your anger only exceeds your pompous arrogance and ego.
You say your main cause in life is your son, but you are too stupid and stubborn to realize that the way you feel about your ex has to be affecting him, negatively.
No matter how you think you are disguising it, you can't.
No matter how rotten you think she is, she is still his mother and there is nothing you can do to change that, ever.
We have only heard your side, and everyone knows there are two sides to a story.
I am not particularily fond of my ex either. He won custody and I was crushed. But I will say this, give the devil his dues, he is a good father. A lousy husband, but a good father.
He remarried, (Kathy Bates) and they would love to see me totally gone.
It distressed Paige to no end, because she felt the hatred.
There were times I guess, I was as bad as he was.
But, I got over it.
Now, when I say something nice about Daddy, or laugh when I pick her up at Daddy's, Paige lights up, because she knows the fight is over, at least on my part.
I am happy now with Dorsey and that is what counts.
Dorsey and Paige have a ball together.
Alice and Bill love Paige.
We all spend time together and Paige has too families that love her, instead of two that hate each other.
Get rid of the hatred, there is no winning, only degrees of losing.

To save time I am going to leave quotation marks out.

Hey Dorsey, (my husband) can I ask you something ?
What ?
What is the abosolute worst, offensive insult to a man ?
Why do you want to know that ?
This guy insulted me on the blog, and I thought it might be fun to insult him back.
You and Bill and that goddamn blog, how about a blow job instead ?
Be serious Dorsey, come on.
Ok, ok, where is this clown from ?
Kenvir, Kentucky, but he lives in Georgia now.
Oh Madonna, now why do you want to go picking on those poor backward southerners ?
Would you pick on Tache ? (our dog)
You know these people are one rung up from retarded. (no offense to retarded people)
YES, I KNOW, BUT......
All they do is drink,and whore,and listen to country music. Most of them die in jail.
I KNOW, BUT..........
Do you want to be responsible for this guy drinking himself to death ?
Then stop teasing the poor sod, go to work, and play nice with the other kids.

Of course I have no intention of being nice to this creature.
Dorsey is always trying to spoil my fun.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Acidman thinks that I was opposed to his abortion comment.
Not so, Cracker Meal.
I commented about your reluctance to giving a child support check to your ex.
Now, I know how you feel about handing that check over to her, BUT, what you are forgetting is that it is for Quinton, not for her.
The more resentment you feel, believe me, Quinton feels it too.
You hate her, trust me, he feels that.
No matter how you feel, (and he loves you, so he wants to please you) you have got to put that resentment on the back burner, at least when he's around.
Christ, I don't know you, and I can feel it.
Kids feel guilty about loving a parent if it is obvious that one doesn't like the other.
Anyway, it's only been 17 months. It takes years sometimes to become indifferent, but you will.
Never forget what matters the most, the chidren.

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Try this and tell me how it turned out.
I whole lobster, probably about a pound, pound and half.
I pint of heavy whipping cream
tomato paste
sherry (not cooking sherry)
Now this is very basic, you may want to add some other spice, but I would be careful not to overdue it.
I would get a cooked lobster because I don't have the heart to do it myself. he he
Take the meat out of the shells, save shells
Get a large pot and put about 8 cups water
Throw the shells in and simmer for about an hour
If you can find some seafood base in your area, (probably a gourmet store) I would use some of that too.
Strain the shells and discard, save the liquid
Turn on a low heat and add the cream
If you can get fresh tarragon, all the better
You want to use tarragon sparingly, it is very pungent, but good.
Put a few tablespoons of tomato paste, stir.
I would let it simmer on very low for about 15 to 20 min.
Now, when you put it into bowls, add your chunks of lobster meat to the hot soup, then a tblsp cognac, and tblsp of sherry.
Garnish with fresh parsely (optional)
Now, if you want a thicker soup, add a little flour and water mixture to the pot while soup is simmering.
Bon appetite !!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2003


I like to use fresh pasta, but if you can get the dry flat pasta, that will work just fine.
A whole package 1lb will make a ton.
I try to cut calories where I can, but if your preferrence is the full Monty, go for it.

I pkg lasagna
2 lg cans of crushed tomatoes
1 can tomato paste
Italian spice
tarragon, (a must with red sauce)
sugar (to your own taste, I like a sweeter sauce)
Combine all above ingredients and simmer for about an hour
(Now, if you are in a hurry, a Ragu sauce doctored up the way you like it will suffice)
This is a basic sauce, so you can be creative and put cooked italian sausage, ground meat, chicken, almost anything you like
Once the lasagna is cooked, and your sauce is ready, you will need the following:
I container of ricotta cheese (you can substitute low fat cottage cheese)
2 pkgs of mozzarella cheese (more if you like lots of cheese
I pkg parmesan cheese
Mix all of your cheeses together
Take cooked noodles, rinse in cold water
Get a large spoon, and spoon out enough sauce to cover the bottom of your lasagna pan
I would actually grease tha pan with a little olive oil to avoid sticking
Put one layer of noodles, one of sauce, then cheese mixture, and so on
Put any remaining cheese and sauce on the very top layer
Cook at 325 for about 1 hr, covered with foil
Let sit for about 20 min. before you cut it.
Serve with some fattening bread, and enjoy!!!!!!!!!